People see my business cards and ask me to explain either what is, or how I became a Host to Authors and Celebrities. My earliest career dealt with various aspects in publicity as a Media Specialist. I later coupled that expertise to form a company that produced charitable fundraising events enlisting the support of major celebrities I had come to know.

When I began serving as a Host those on book tours in Arizona, it was before this was considered a profession so I have extreme expertise. I coined the term Host over Escort after numerous challenges with mail and phone calls.

God and the Universe create interesting tapestries. One month, publicist Harry Flynn asked me to assist him with appearances for Michael Landon and the premiere of “Highway to Heaven.” The next week, publicist Lori Ames sought me out to assist Paul Sorvino in promoting his book detailing the way he helped his son overcame asthma. Then publicist Sean Mahoney of Mahoney/Wasserman asked for some help securing some media for his clients who included Neil Diamond and The Rolling Stones. And the stone kept right on rolling forward!

I now serve as a right-hand man to the publicists of book publishers or publicist to authors or celebrities, or directly if no publicist is involved. My overall role varies to suit your needs. I can help as much or as little as required by sharing my personal association with media producers and bookstore managers, suggesting the proper lodging, or merely picking up the author at the airport to take them to a sole event such as The Poisoned Pen or Changing Hands bookstores. Then, return them to their hotel or Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix when their stay is completed.

My prior career, within the multi-levels of the media community, enhances my ability to assist publicists when they are making their initial out-reach in designing the publicity tours. I share my personal media contacts, make introductions, offer appearance suggestions, suggest media for distinct sections of the market, pre-arrange ‘drive-by’ book signings, and make sure the authors are at their appearances in ample time to ensure a relaxed yet productive book tour….with fewer headaches and no aspirin for the publicists. I can take full care and responsibility of the authors while driving them through the Greater Phoenix and Tucson areas.

My fees are structured per assignment to ensure that publicists and clients receive quality hosting at a reasonable cost. And as stated earlier, in those rare instances when an author is making a brief stop for an in-and-out one-bookstore appearance, I am available at a reasonable rate to make it happen and I’m much more personable than a taxicab. There is no reason to entrust your valued author and client to an impersonal car service even if they have only one appearance.

So I look forward to you contacting me the moment you know you have an author or celebrity bound for Arizona. I am versed in media and gifted with common-sense, so I can handle all situations while securing additional opportunities for the publicist and the client to ensure the publisher is getting more bang for his or her buck!
Pierre O'Rourke
While the endorsements speak for themselves, I wanted you to hear it from me. Through gas crunches, the effects on travel from that horrid September, the changes in the publishing industry, and the loss of bookstores – I’ve had the honor of assisting more than 75 publishing houses and 400 authors. Some of these authors and publicists have insisted upon using me as their Host for more than two decades.

Laced with media know-how and common sense, I fully guarantee my work and look forward to hearing from you.

Pierre's Sidekick: Nubble