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  • Dr. Joyce Brothers

    Dr. Joyce Brothers

    Columnist & "TV's best-known shrink" - "The Gong Show"

    "During my book tour in Arizona, Pierre physically stopped the jet from leaving the runway when one of my interviews ran long, and had a tin of fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies waiting for me as I departed the plane in LaGuardia. It doesn't get much better than that!"
  • Catherine Coulter

    Catherine Coulter

    Author – Eleventh Hour, Split Second, and The Cove

    "Pierre is the best – and I thank him so much for taking care of us above and beyond."
  • Robert Crais

    Robert Crais

    Author – Indigo Blues, Hostage

    "I insist upon working with Pierre whenever I go to Arizona. He has a great grasp of what is needed, foresees the needs of the authors in advance, and knows the media personally. Plus, he knows all the best places to drink!"
  • Rich Eisen

    Rich Eisen

    Host of NFL Network, author – Total Access

    "Pierre may not know football but he certainly knows Arizona and the media!"
  • Joy Fielding

    Joy Fielding

    Author – Heartstopper, The Other Woman, and Now You See Her

    "Pierre was my host and escort during a book tour in Arizona, and I found him to be dependable, informative, and ingratiating. I couldn't have asked for a better companion during my brief stay there and have no hesitation in recommending him to other authors."
  • Susan Alcott Jardine

    Susan Alcott Jardine

    Artist - Green Door Editions, author - The Channel: Stories from L.A.

    "I knew him from my days working for Kenny Rogers. Pierre actually was the inspiration for one of my stories."
  • Jon S. Lewis

    Jon S. Lewis

    'The Grey Griffins' trilogy

    "Pierre was a blast. He got us where we needed to go, worked hard to get us into additional bookstores, and entertained us with his stories."
  • Christopher Moore

    Christopher Moore

    The Stupidest Angel
    Bite Me: A Love Story

    "Pierre takes care of his authors and anticipates their needs. He knows the territory and the people in the media and stores. He sees to it that you never want for anything. I always request that Pierre be my media guide when I am in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area."
  • Charles J. Shields

    Charles J. Shields

    Author – Mockingbird: A Portrait of Harper Lee

    "I have a new friend in Phoenix. And Pierre is the best media host in the country."
  • James Van Praagh

    James Van Praagh

    Psychic & author – Talking To Heaven

    "I was in great hands with Pierre and his people. Things went without a snag and he seemed to always be one step ahead of things, which is normally my job. I definitely recommend Pierre's media hosting services."
  • Laura Van Wormer

    Laura Van Wormer

    Author –Talk, Benedict Canyon, Trouble Becomes Her

    "Pierre was so much fun and made my trip to Phoenix a pleasure. And he even knew where to find the old-fashioned pin ball machines to play! I thank him for being who he is. And Nubble too!"
  • Victor Villaseñor

    Victor Villaseñor

    Author - Burro Genius

    "Pierre was the ideal host and compadre while on my book tour in Arizona. Never have I enjoyed myself so much while actually working. And he did work me. However, he now knows the proper way to drink tequila."
  • Dan Wakefield

    Dan Wakefield

    Author - Ecpect a Miricle, Creating From the Spirit

    "Pierre is a true creator."
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  • Steve Allen

    Steve Allen

    Comedian, musician, first Host of The Tonight Show, author of over 40 books including Schmock! Schmock!

    "Publicity is more than just media exposure. It's getting the 'proper' media exposure and Pierre is an expert in both producing and promoting events, one of the very best of professionals I have worked with in over 50 years. Of course he wasn't around when I began, but now that I know him, obviously I will stick with him."
  • Linda Blair

    Linda Blair

    The Exorcist
    Cousin Sarah

    "Any time Pierre produces an event, I will be there. He makes my head spin."
  • Bruce Boxleitner

    Bruce Boxleitner

    Actor - "Scarecrow & Mrs. King", How the West Was Won

    "I have known him for a long time. I have walked the actual planks and boardwalks of old Tombstone with Pierre by my side. When things need to be done, he knows how to Cowboy Up. He's a good man."
  • Terry Bradshaw

    Terry Bradshaw

    Former quarterback - the Pittsburgh Steelers
    Co-host of "Fox NFL Sunday"

    "He's nuts. Totally nuts. You think I'm nuts, he's nuts. He's wacky nuts. Absolutely, totally, without a doubt – nuts. Now what was the question?"
  • Johnny Cash

    Johnny Cash

    Singer & songwriter - "I Walk the Line," "Folsom Prison Blues," author – Man in Black, Man in White

    "Pierre not only knows how to handle an author on book tour, he knows how to write books himself. I look forward to the day his books sit on a shelf in my new library next to Og Mandino's."
  • Harry 'Dobe' Carey, Jr.

    Harry 'Dobe' Carey, Jr.

    Actor – Mask, Tombstone, The Long Riders, author – Company of Hereos

    "In another life, Pierre must have been a cowboy in John Ford's Stock Company. He sure knows his way around Arizona and provided great support for my appearances and my autobiography."
  • Bert Convy

    Bert Convy

    Actor & host – "Tattletales" and "Win, Lose or Draw"

    "The Bert Convy Celebrity Tournament for the Spinal Bifida Association counts on Pierre. I have, every year from the very beginning, used Pierre to make sure I can make as many TV and radio spots as possible for our event."
  • Alex Cord

    Alex Cord

    Actor – "AirWolf", Stagecoach, Brotherhood of the Rose, author - A Feather in the Rain

    "I liked Pierre from the moment I met him at the Ben Johnson Rodeos and appreciate the work he does for Ben as well as his support for Ahead with Horses. He is good with the media and the people."
  • James Doohan

    James Doohan

    'Scottie' on "Star Trek", author - Privateer

    "I have worked with Pierre on numerous events. Ben Johnson's Celebrity Rodeos, Star Trek Conventions, and my book tours. I always know I can count on Pierre to beam me around Phoenix and Arizona."
  • Herbert Drinkwater

    Herbert Drinkwater

    3-term Mayor of Scottsdale, Arizona

    "I always thought HE was the Mayor of Scottsdale."
  • Tex & Pam Earnhardt

    Tex & Pam Earnhardt

    Leading business owner & actress, respectively

    "He puts on great events and knows how to work the media. They just do not get any better than Pierre, and That's no bull!"
  • Steve Eastin

    Steve Eastin

    Actor – Con Air, Catch Me if You Can

    "Pierre hosted me in Phoenix when I came to conduct several workshops in film acting. He was gracious and thorough - and thoughtful companion during my time there. His knowledge of Phoenix and the Valley area made my stay educational and delightful."
  • Buddy Ebsen

    Buddy Ebsen

    Actor – "Beverly Hillbillies", "Barnaby Jones", author – The Other Side of OZ

    "Pierre drives better than Jethro and knows more people than Ellie Mae has critters. A gentleman and hard worker - I recommend him to anyone on a book tour."
  • Ralph Emery

    Ralph Emery

    Host of "Nashville Now", author – The View From Nashville

    "I think Pierre would have made a great side-kick on The Grand Old Opry. I am amazed he doesn't have his own talk show. He is personable, fun, and insightful. I will have Pierre assist me on any performance or book tour in Arizona."
  • Senator Barry Goldwater

    Senator Barry Goldwater

    Senator for 35 years, author & photographer – People & Places

    "Pierre has even been able to teach ol' Barry a few things about people and the media. He has my vote, and he knows it!"
  • Clarence Gilyard

    Clarence Gilyard

    Actor - "Walker, Texas Ranger"
    Die Hard

    "Pierre puts on a heck of an event. Trivette is really sorry about that mud puddle."
  • Merv Griffin

    Merv Griffin

    Host & TV producer – "The Merv Griffin Show"

    "Pierre has been a huge help in promoting ChildHelp. Arizona has the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, and Pierre O'Rourke. Come to think of it – didn't I discover Pierre?"
  • Dan Haggerty

    Dan Haggerty

    Actor – "The Life & Times of Grizzly Adams"

    "I just want to give Pierre a big ole grizzly bear hug when I see him!"
  • Ben Johnson

    Ben Johnson

    Actor – The Last Picture Show, Angels in the Outfield, She Wore a Yellow Ribon, and The Sacketts

    "Pierre has brought in quality people, corporations, and celebrities to my pro-celebrity rodeos for many years. He does what he says he'll do but I'd sooner sit next to a wet dog."
  • DeForest Kelley

    DeForest Kelley

    Actor – 'Bones' in "Star Trek", author – A Harvest of Memories

    "Pierre knows his game and is a champ at what he does. He handles the book tour and appearances in logical fashion without being as annoying as Spock."
  • Graham Kerr

    Graham Kerr

    TV's beloved, "The Galloping Gourmet", author – Graham Kerr's Smart Cookbook

    "It is a very positive experience to be hosted in Arizona by Pierre O'Rourke. He appears to know everyone and every location - because he is welcomed warmly everywhere. We look forward to our next book tour reaching Arizona."
  • Marty Kove

    Marty Kove

    Actor – "Cagney & Lacey", The Karate Kid, Rambo II

    "Pierre is a rascal. He can ride in my posse any day of the week, and is always welcome to bend an elbow with me at the bar in Tombstone or the Long Branch Saloon. I have seen him under pressure and he gets it done, without anyone else even knowing the pressure was on. With Pierre, I know he always has my back."
  • Michael Landon

    Michael Landon

    Actor – "Little House on the Prairie" "Highway to Heaven" "Bonanza"

    "Pierre has been on board with my tournaments in Tucson since the beginning. He has introduced major celebrities to me and the charities. He has also been one of the keenest senses for public relations promotions."
  • Larry Mahan

    Larry Mahan

    Rodeo's All-Time All-Around Most Winning Cowboy

    "When it comes time to Cowboy Up, I can think of no one better prepared and experienced than Pierre for promoting anything anywhere in Arizona."
  • Larry Manetti

    Larry Manetti

    Actor – "Baa Baa Black Sheep", "Magnum, P.I"., author - Aloha Magnum P. I.

    "Pierre is the man with the pull in Arizona. He takes great care of me, my wife, and son Lorenzo whenever we land in Arizona."
  • Ed McMahon

    Ed McMahon

    Actor & host – "The Tonight Show", author - For Laughing Out Loud

    "Pierre is the best Pam and I have ever met. And, it is safe to say that I have been in the 'People Business' for a long, long time. The ideal side-kick. He provides more, is a joy to be around, and goes way beyond what is expected."
  • Pat McMahon

    Pat McMahon

    Actor & TV Host – "The Wallace & Ladmo Show", "The Pat McMahon Show"

    "Pierre is, one of a kind. I swear he knows every author on the Best-Selling list and everyone in Hollywood. And if he doesn't, he soon will. Quality. Perseverance. Integrity. Creativity. These all apply to him. But, I am one of the very few people that know his real name. It is not Pierre O'Rourke. It's Manuel Lipstein. Or Irby Sanchez. Or maybe it is Hymie McGillicutty. Its one of those, but it's not Pierre. I have it from good sources."
  • Robert Mitchum

    Robert Mitchum

    Actor – El Dorado, "Winds of War", author – It Sure Beats Working

    "He doesn't drink on the job and that makes me nervous."
  • Clayton Moore

    Clayton Moore

    Actor – TV's "The Lone Ranger", author – I Was That Masked Man

    "Professional. Knowledgeable. Well connected with the media and bookstores. Able to think fast on his feet. Pierre will always be my close Kemosobe."
  • Roger Mosley

    Roger Mosley

    Actor – 'T.C.' in "Magnum, P.I."

    "He is one crazy dude, that Pierre. Knows all the ins and outs to get the word around. The event I did with Youth, Etc. simply could not have gone as well as it did without Pierre. Only 'T.C.' could have gotten me more places using an Island Hopper."
  • Gary Puckett

    Gary Puckett

    "Singer/Songwriter" "Young Girl"
    "Lady Will Power"
    Formerly of The Union Gap

    "Pierre is always there to fill in the gaps."
  • Denver Pyle

    Denver Pyle

    Actor – "The Andy Griffith Show", "The Dukes of Hazzard"

    "Being in this business as long as I have been, you meet just all kinds of people. I won't elaborate on what kinds, but Pierre by far is one of the best."
  • Burt Reynolds

    Burt Reynolds

    Actor – Deliverance, "Evening Shade", Smokey & The Bandit, AUTHOR – My life

    "Who the hell is Pierre O'Rourke?"
  • Roy Rogers

    Roy Rogers

    "The King of the Cowboys," "The Roy Rogers & Dale Evans Show"

    "Pierre is definitely one of the good guys in a white hat. Dale and I would even adopt him if we hadn't run out of room at the ranch."
  • George Takei

    George Takei

    Actor – 'Sulu' of "Star Trek", author – To the Stars

    "It's kind of nice to go where I have not gone before and leave the navigating to someone else. Pierre is supreme in making sure to get me where I need to be, earlier than I need be, and is able to fill me in on the anchors and stations in advance so I can beam down and act like we are old friends during the interviews."
  • Rob Word

    Rob Word

    Actor & producer – "Young Blades"

    "When Pierre is around, I know things will be taken care of expertly. In fact, he was on one of my movie sets visiting and the star just assumed Pierre was one of the producers."
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  • Karin Brunetto

    Karin Brunetto

    McGraw-Hill Trade Publicist

    "I must say-Pierre has been an absolute DREAM to work with! I am very impressed with his level of dedication and professionalism, and commend him on the work he has done for Nancy Samalin this week. I definitely want to use his services again with other authors who go to Phoenix and Scottsdale, and I will recommend him to anyone else who is arranging media in that area. We at McGraw-Hill as well as Nancy really appreciate all he has done, and we look forward to working with you again in the future."
  • Marilyn Ducksworth

    Marilyn Ducksworth

    Head of Publicity - Penguin/Putnam Books

    "Pierre is amazing and we love working with him. He is always so wonderful with our authors, who by the way adore him as much as we do, and for being such a valuable member of our extended team across the country. I value the relationship we have and hope to work together many more years to come. Daniel (Silva) always looks forward to his trips to Arizona primarily because of Pierre and of course Barbara Peters of The Poisoned Pen Bookstore."
  • Harry Flynn

    Harry Flynn

    Publicist & author – Life, Love & Laughter

    "Pierre is the very, very best in promotions. He was a tremendous help to me with Michael Landon when I took him on national tour for Highway to Heaven and his film, Sam's Son. And his work with Mike's Celebrity Tournaments in Tucson is legendary."
  • Henry Rogers

    Henry Rogers

    Publicist - Rogers & Cowan, Inc.
    Author - Rogers Rules of Success

    "Pierre O'Rourke is such a natural in what he does with the media, that if I could get him out of that desert to move to Los Angeles or New York - I would have a desk waiting for him. He sees problems as mere challenges in which he quickly adapts and solves before anyone else knows anything is amiss. He could be the one doing the publicity - or with his personality and writing abilities, he could easily be the one they are promoting."
  • Joanne Hamilton-Selway

    Joanne Hamilton-Selway

    CityCable 11's Booktalk

    "I have worked with Pierre O'Rourke for 10 years; the last five years have been as a driver and escort for the various authors who are visiting the Valley. As a co-host of a cable television show, I interact with all the authors that Pierre escorts and they all have praised his abilities. He knows the area and because of his knowledge, is able to recommend restaurants or other activities for the visiting authors. He is always on time when bringing authors to the studio. When a publicist is unsure about whom to ask to drive an author, I recommend Pierre without hesitation."
  • Megan Underwood

    Megan Underwood

    Goldberg McDuffie Communications

    "I am confident that my authors are in good hands when they are escorted by Pierre O'Rourke. He is friendly and responsive and he bends over backwards to make author visits run smoothly and stress-free. From his detailed media lists and pitching tips to his foresight and attention to detail, you can be assured that your author will have a productive visit in Phoenix and Tucson."
  • Holly Watson

    Holly Watson

    Viking Penguin Publicity Manager

    "Pierre O'Rourke is a reliable and conscientious media escort whom I can trust to take good care of such best-selling authors as Susan Vreeland (of The Girl in Hyacinth Blue and The Passion of Artemisia). He is also a great source of information on media outlets in the greater Phoenix area. I would definitely recommend him when you have an author in town."

T.A. Barron

T.A. Barron

Environmentalist who walks his talk, and novelist of such epic sagas as The Lost Years Of Merlin (5-book series), The Great Tree Of Avalon trilogy, and his newest trilogy, Merlin’s Dragon which breathe life into Merlin and his worlds. Among his varied books are the ‘Adventures of Kate’ series such as, The Ancient One, Tree Girl, and The Hero’s Trail as well as two picture books.

“Pierre did a great job as my media host and driver during my book tour in Arizona. He not only took excellent care of me, he was always good company. I look forward to returning to Arizona!”

Dr. Marty Becker

Dr. Marty Becker

10 years as Veterinary Advisor on "Good Morning America", syndicated columnist, and author of Chicken Soup For The Pet Lover’s Soul, The Healing Power Of Pets, and The Ultimate Dog Lovers’ Guide.

“I’m known in the publishing world as a somewhat sophisticated old farm boy who rolls up his sleeves and works a book tour like a man harvesting the crops before a storm. From before the cock crows until after the hoot owl gives up for the night, I want to work at full speed. In all the book tours I’ve done, Pierre was the ONLY one who wanted to work even harder than I did! Of course he makes sure an author’s book tour gets the most bang for the buck. You can depend on him for being warm, accommodating, and getting you there on time. But more importantly, he has great relationships with members of the local media and is often responsible for additional important exposure. When I go to Arizona, I insist Pierre is the one greeting me as I get off the plane.

I had more media, made more appearances, and signed more books when Pierre assisted me than on any of my other stops on my book tour. I look forward to and insist on working with him each time I go to Arizona. In fact, Pierre is so good I’ve told him HE should write a book about how to run a successful tour. You’ll be wise to get him on your team.

Pierre is the answer to an author’s book touring nightmare. He is short on excuses and long on common sense and great with handling the challenges that often occur on a whirlwind tour. He makes the longest day fun while extremely productive. Whether it’s harvesting media, doing stock book signings at stores, or even going to book warehouses, I loved Pierre’s scorched-earth attitude when it came to accomplishing our common goal”

Bob Boze Bell

Bob “Boze” Bell

Western historian, artist & humorist. Publisher & Editor of True West magazine, biographical author of The Illustrated Life and Times… book series featuring legends, such as Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, and The Wild Women Of The West. Host of “True West Moments.”

“Pierre is a rare bird in the field of book promotions: he actually gets results. I am always amazed at Pierre’s professionalism and his ability to open doors and make the bookstore cash registers sing.”

Barbara Taylor Bradford

Barbara Taylor Bradford

Beginning with her monumental success with A Woman Of Substance, her episodic, often historical novels have sold more than 81 million worldwide, with 10 miniseries and TV movies produced from her books by her husband, Robert Bradford. Books include Emma’s Secret, The Heir, Unexpected Blessings, Just Rewards, Being Elizabeth, and The Ravenscar Dynasty. Barbara was recently awarded the Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II.

“Pierre is very professional and extremely organized. He is always looking out for me, almost as well as Bob. He looks out for us both so we are able to relax and focus on my fans, as it should be. We would almost stay in Arizona but the pups would miss us too much.”

Lee Child

Lee Child

Author of the ‘Jack Reacher’ series, such as Killing Floor, Tripwire, One Shot, Bad Luck & Trouble, Play Dirty, and 61 Hours. One Shot is slated for the silver screen in 2012.

“Pierre is my main man in Arizona. I always know that part of my tours will go smoothly – and enjoyably. Did you really have to ask who Pierre is?”

Jackie Collins

‘Lucky Santangelo’ series and risqué novels based on life among the rich and famous. More than 400 million books sold include; Drop Dead Gorgeous, Hollywood Wives, Lovers & Players, Hollywood Kids, Vendetta: Lucky’s Revenge, Married Lovers, and Goddess of Vengence.

“Pierre is an absolute delight. Who could resist a man like this, not ashamed to read my books? A true gentleman that knows – and is known and respected – by all the media and bookstores. Arizona would not be Arizona without Pierre to take me around.”

Deborah Coonts

The ‘Lucky O’Toole’ novels

“Just because you know your way around a story doesn’t mean you won’t get lost going to your next book signing. When in Phoenix, don’t get lost—and get the most marketing buzz for the bucks—let Pierre O’Rourke be your guide. At the end of the day, you will sell more books than you imagined and you will have made a new friend.”

Lisa Gardner with Nubble

Lisa Gardner

Live to Tell

If you’re an author or entertainer coming to Arizona, then Pierre O’Rourke is your man! With years of experience, multiple media connections, and an insider’s knowledge of bookstores, Pierre can help set up events, initiate publicity, and even find the best margarita in Phoenix. Obviously, that is very important. For a professional and personal touch, Pierre O’Rourke is one of the best hosts in the business.

Patricia Heaton

Actress seen in Women of the House, Miracle in the Woods, thirtysomething, Beethoven, Space Jam, and Emmy-award winning ‘Debra’ on "Everybody Loves Raymond". Insightful, honest, and funny in her autobiography Motherhood & Hollywood.

“For a book tour in Arizona, Everybody Loves Pierre.”

John Lescroat

John Lescroart

Internationally known best-selling author of The 13Th Juror, The Oath, The Hearing, The Second Chair, Betrayal, and Damage. Singer/songwriter of albums, such as “Whiskey and Roses” and “As the Crow Flies.”

“Pierre may not be able to play a guitar, but he is the best in getting me in and out of all the bookstores and appearances I have when I am in Arizona. And – he’s getting better on the guitar too!”

Og Mandino

Og Mandino

Og’s first book, The Greatest Salesman In The World, remains the most successful how to & motivational book in history. This master storyteller was known around the world and was one of the most popular motivational and Self-Help speakers of our time. Books include The Greatest Miracle In The World, The Twelfth Angel, The Christ Commission, The Spell Binder’s Gift, Secrets For Success & Happiness, A Better Way To Live, The Choice, and Return Of The Ragpicker.

“Even when I lived in Arizona, and especially when returning to that great state for a book tour – I would always have my publisher or publicist, call Pierre. He is the publicist’s publicist and can solve anything.”

Michael McGarrity

Michael McGarrity

Michael holds a BA with distinction in psychology and a master’s degree in clinical social work. Debut novel, Tularosa, introducing ‘Kevin Kerney’ was nominated for an Anthony Award, a Dilys Award, and a Spur Award from the Western Writers of America, and was selected as one of the best books of the year by Publishers Weekly. Serpent Gate, third in his series, was a “Booklist” Top-10 crime novel. Under The Color Of Law garnered kudos as a Top 10 bestseller by the Independent Mystery Booksellers Association and judged “One of the Best Books of 2001″ by Deadly Pleasures Magazine. Awards continue, including the New Mexico Governor’s Award for Excellence in the Arts in Literature. Judas Judge, Mexican Hat, Big Gamble, Nothing But Trouble, Everyone Dies, Mexican Hat, Slow Kill, Death Song, and Dead Or Alive.

“Pierre who? Oh, that’s the guy that has been driving me around Arizona all these years. I insist on him. Is he in trouble again?”

Lauren Myracle

Lauren Myracle

Best-selling author cleverly writing with instant messaging in books such as L8R-G8R, TTFN, and TTUL. Admired by young readers with her sequel books such as Eleven, Twelve, and Thirteen, as well as Kissing Kate, How To Be Bad, Rhymes With Witches, and Bliss.

“Pierre is The Best. He knows his stuff, he’s friendly without ever being overbearing, and he’s always up for “extras” -like bonus stock signings that he takes his own time to set up. Next time I’m in AZ, he’s definitely the author host I’ll request! Ewe better have Pierre take care of ewe in Arizona. Ewe. Get it?”

Hugh O Brian

Hugh O’Brian

Leading man and Western legend of TV’s 6-year run in "The Life & Legend of Wyatt Earp". Films include Twins, Ambush Bay, Red Ball Express, Ten Little Indians, Gunsmoke II, The Gambler Returns, Wyatt Earp: Return to Tombstone, and John Wayne’s last film – The Shootist. Founder of HOBY – The Hugh O’Brian Youth Foundation.

“Pierre is a Top Gun. He’s my deputy and friend. He’s forthright in his thoughts and actions, can think fast on his feet, is honest as the day is long, and is not paying me near enough to say all of this.”

Robert B. Parker

Robert B. Parker

TV series "Spenser: for Hire", Jesse Stone Movies-of-the-Week starring Tom Selleck, and feature film Appaloosa – were birthed out of this versatile author’s library of more than 50 novels. The Spenser Series, Sunny Randall Series, and Jesse Stone Series have earned him a winning reputation for believable and glib conversation with Hush Money, Family Honor, Stranger In Paradise, Paper Doll, Resolution, Widow’s Walk, Hugger Mugger, Rough Weather, and Sixkill.

“It’s no mystery to me who Pierre is. He’s the funny guy with the cute dog sporting a black-eye. Oh, he’s also great at taking authors to all the right places in Arizona. Even Spenser would hire him!”

Jerry Reed

Jerry Reed

Guitarist/singer/songwriter/actor and quite simply one of THE best pickers of ALL time! Chart topping songs include “She Got the Goldmine,” “Guitar Man,” “Amos Moses,” “Lord, Mr. Ford,” “East Bound & Down,” and “U.S. Male.” Starred with Tom Selleck in TV series “Concrete Cowboys“. Hosted The “Jerry Reed When You’re Hot You’re Hot Hour“. Portrayed ‘The Snowman’ as Burt Reynolds’ southern-drawled sidekick in Smokey & the Bandit. Other films include Gator, Hot Stuff, W.W. & the Dixie Dancekings, What Comes Around, Batt-21, and the mean-spirited Coach in The Waterboy.

“Son, if you’re gonna be in that dry heat place called Arizona – then you need Pierre by your side. He knows the people, knows all them TV and radio folks, knows the bookstores, knows where you can wet your whistle and shove some groceries down your neck – if you get my drift. Hey, when you’re hot, you’re hot!”

Pierre O'Rourke with Author Robert Tanenbaum

Robert Tanenbaum

Former Homicide Bureau Chief in the New York District Attorney’s Office, he’s also one of America’s most successful and famous criminal trial lawyers who has never lost a felony case. This former two-term Mayor of Beverly Hills is known for his ‘Butch Karp’ and ‘Marlene Ciampi’ Novels, including Outrage, Act of Revenge, Fury, and Betrayed.

“Pierre rules – he’s the man for all authors.”

Randy Wayne White

Randy Wayne White

New York Times best-selling author whose novel, Sanibel Flats, was chosen by the American Independent Mystery Booksellers Association as One of the 100 Favorite Mysteries of the 20th Century. Former veteran Florida fishing guide who is now known worldwide for his ‘Doc Ford’ novels, such as The Heat Islands, Sanibel Flats, The Man Who Invented Florida, Tampa Burn, Captiva, Dead Of Night, Dark Light, Mangrove Coast, Everglades, Black Widow, and Night Vision.

“Pierre has been running me around Arizona ever since I can recall. That Pierre is always giving me the run-around – and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

A complete list of endorsements can be found here.