Nubble is what they call a Rescue Dog. Some would say I rescued him from the pound. He would say he rescued me from life. We found each other when he was 8 weeks on this planet and I believe more and more that it isn’t his first time around. I remember getting him the same week I finally gave in to get my first cell phone. My new cell was on the bench and when it began to ring, he grasped the antenna, shaking it fiercely – and I knew I had met my match.Nubble

Nubbs is three-fourths Australian Cattle Herder and one-fourth Border Collie. Tamara Green explained that the Arizona Humane Society trades dogs with five other states. Arizona gets a lot of Labs. New Mexico gets a lot of herders. A breeder was raising half-and-halves when someone got out, and their percentages got messed up – to my advantage.

When a lady at the dog park saw Nubble and said, “She is beautiful,” her son pointed out, “He has a handle, Mom!” So you got that Nubble is a male. He is named in honor and memory of my mentor, author Og Mandino, who had a special interest in a lighthouse in Maine, named Point Nubble. But that’s another story.

Nubble is well bred and well read. On several occasions when authors have admitted to missing their family dog, they have asked to meet Nubble. He is always happy to comply.

See Pictures of Nubble here.